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"Working with Eric was an absolute joy. He transformed my vaguely articulated kernel of an idea into an elegant final product. Along the way, he anticipated my needs, patiently guided me through an unfamiliar (to me) process, and saved me from making costly mistakes. Eric worked tirelessly to meet an unreasonable deadline and did so with unfailing good humor and a reassuring manner. His considerable talent as a designer, years of experience, and ability to collaborate and innovate yielded a better product than I could have imagined."

Kristina S. Alcorn, Author
In His Own Words: Stories from the Extraordinary Life of Reston's Founder,
Robert E. Simon, Jr.

"In a time where many vendors give you less for more money, Eric is a true exception. His creative intelligence has helped us rebrand a 100 year-old institution to compete in a modern marketplace. His input and knowledge, which he generously shares, is now a welcome and important part of our marketing communications process. He is committed to doing the job right, while informing his clients about the how and the why of great visual marketing. I will continue to consult his talent again and again."

Melinda T. Cooke, Director of Membership
The National Press Club

"Eric has an unusual mix of talents for a designer. He has a wonderful graphic sense and can quickly take an abstract concept and 'put it to paper,' but he can also explain why a particular design works and how each element functions to produce a truly effective piece."

Elizabeth Corley, Director of Communications, SHOPS Plus
Abt Associates

"Eric is an extraordinarily talented graphic designer with a diverse range of skills and services. We hired him to design our logo and a website for our arts and entertainment law practice. We needed something unique and targeted, which would appeal to our highly discerning client base of artists and arts professionals, which would visually convey the non-traditional nature of our practice, and which, above all, would set us apart from the typical boring attorney website. The results were amazing. Since our website launched, we have received nothing but compliments. We also used Eric as an art director for several advertising campaigns, with equally impressive and creative results. Eric is affordable, creative, and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Brian Taylor Goldstein, Esq.
Goldstein & Guilliams PLC

"Eric is imaginative, fast and unceasingly professional. His flexibility, ingenuity and uncanny ability to 'read minds' means he delivers exactly the kind of work I need – even when I am at a loss for words to explain what I am looking for. Our intent is always his starting point."

Mark Stencel, Digital Fellow, Poynter Institute
former Managing Editor, NPR Digital

"Eric worked with me from start to finish - translating a vague concept into a strong visual representation that captured the essence of what I needed to communicate and respected my own sense of style. As a new business owner, Eric became my partner, helping me discern what I really needed to get started and what could wait. He smartly designed a flexible web platform that could easily be adapted as my practice grows. He patiently worked through countless edits (on my part) under deadlines that seemed impossible. His appreciation for subtle yet meaningful differences in color and layout resulted in designs that grab just the right amount of attention for a healthcare consulting business. His easy yet highly professional style lends itself to the collaborative and iterative process inherent in consistently producing high quality design work."

Stacey Beckhardt, Principal
Health Advocacy Communications


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